Published On: Fri, Jan 6th, 2017

John Carpenter Slams Nazis Who Think ‘They Live’ Is About Jews


Apparently Nazis think that John Carpenter’s movie “They Live” is about how Jews control the world. Well the award winning director wants them to shut up.

The horror/SciFi film “They Live” came out in 1988 and tells the story of how a group of aliens are trying to take over the world by posing as people. They use hypnotic subliminal messages to make everyone greedy and care only about money while they work to destroy the Earth’s environment to make it more like their home planet’s.

The movie was really a satirical condemnation of American consumerism and greed in the 1980s. But it seems that nazis have decided that it is really about the world Zionist banking conspiracy.

Boy conspiracy theories have really gotten out of hand.


John Carpenter tweeted, “THEY LIVE is about yuppies and unrestrained capitalism. It has nothing to do with Jewish control of the world, which is slander and a lie.”

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