Published On: Wed, Dec 28th, 2016

Former defense minister Ya’alon accuses government of losing its sense

Speaking at an economic conference, former defense minister accuses government of of losing its sense, self-harming, fomenting internal disputes in Israeli society; 'The internal threats concern me even more than ISIS;’ the one-time Netanyahu loyalist insists however, ‘Israel faces no existential threat.’

Moshe Ya'alon (Photo Zvika Tishler)

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon heaped criticism on his former boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wednesday over the recent UN Security Council resolution demanding an end to settlements and declaring them illegal.

“More responsible leadership could have prevented this, ” Ya’alon posited during a conference organized by leading business daily Calcalist.

“We need to provide an answer to the threats surrounding us. Alongside the threats of terror, Israel is fighting for her right to exist in light of the shameful decision of the UN and the conduct of the US, ” he continued.

He described the situation as “regrettable and concerning” while stating that it needs to be addressed on a political-diplomatic front rather than “the loss of senses, self-induced harm to ourselves in international relations under the guise of empty talk about national pride. We need to speak to our friends in the world and not get involved in boycotts and punishments which would be own goals.”

Ya’alon, the former Netanyahu loyalist who was stripped of the Defense Minister’s portfolio in May to make way for Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beytenu), went on to castigate the Netanyahu government for its conduct which he claimed precipitated his departure from office.

“I was forced to leave against a background of harsh words, superficiality and anti-democratic actions, ” he vented, indicating that the bitter political residue still remained.

“The current social and economic conduct is weakening Zionist activity. The internal threats concern me even more than ISIS, ” he said unexpectedly before launching once again into a tirade about Netanyahu’s administration.


Moshe Ya'alon - Once a Netanyahu loyalist,  now a political foe (Photo Haim Horenstein) NETANYAHU


“The government is sparking disputes and quarrels between Jews and Arabs, between Asheknazi and Sephardi Jews. A government like this needs to go in a democratic fashion.”

Despite the threats which he delineated, Ya’alon insisted that there was no existential threat to Israel, before moving onto matters relating to economic growth which he described as “comparatively reasonable, ” citing a low employment levels.

However, he added: “When you look at an individual or a family there is an intolerable gap between the state and the citizen who finds it difficult to finish the month or to purchase an apartment. The gaps harm the national resilience and cause a loss of faith in the leadership. We need leadership which does not zig-zag according to political needs, ” he said in an apparent slight against Netanyahu and signalling his ambitions to run for office in the next general election.

Racheli Bindman, Calcalist, Via Ynet News

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