Published On: Sun, Dec 11th, 2016

Don’t Flirt With Uber Drivers or Other Passengers — You Might Get banned

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Flirting with Uber drivers and fellow passengers has been marked as a big “no no” by the company. It was one of the restricted activities listed in Uber’s new guidelines.

Apparently Uber has gotten negative feedback from costumers and drivers alike about riders who get too friendly with other people during their trips. This has led the company to make it clear that it is not there too make it easier for people to “hook up.” The no flirting rule comes with reminders to users to not make a mess, be on time, not to be rude or smoke in an Uber vehicle. While this may seem like common sense to the average person, many people do not understand this and the company says that people who do not behave respectfully will be banned from the service.

Uber states, “As our community guidelines make clear, you shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car. As a reminder, Uber has a no sex rule. That’s no sexual conduct with drivers or fellow riders, no matter what. And you should never hit or otherwise hurt a driver or fellow passenger.”

So whether you are a man or a woman, straight or gay, no matter how attracted you might be to your driver, don’t try to hit on an Uber driver.

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