Published On: Fri, Dec 9th, 2016

Bernie Madoff Prison Tapes Revealed

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Bernie Madoff tried to rationalize his evil in an interview given from behind bars. Recordings of his interview have been released.

Eugene Soltes, a professor at Harvard Business School, conducted the interview as part of his research into white collar criminals and provided excerpts to Business Insider.

Leave it up to a sociopath like Bernie Madoff to remain unrepentant and to try and justify his crimes. In the recordings Madoff says absurd things like, “I wasn’t going to hurt anybody, ” and, “It was a temporary thing and, because of the success that I’ve had and the money I’ve made for people, I sort of felt it was just.”

Just? What an a**hole! Madoff has nothing to fear from failing to show any remorse for his crimes since he will never be getting out of jail and has already lost everything. But his victims would still like to have seen him sentenced to life in front of a firing squad while sitting on an electric chair.

Bernie Madoff also showed no concern or guilt over his son’s death saying that he was too weak to handle all of the pressure. Mark Madoff committed suicide after he learned the truth about his father’s crimes.


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