Published On: Sun, Dec 4th, 2016

Nadja Spiegelman Writes Anti-Trump Comic Called RESIST!



Nadja Spiegelman, daughter of the “Maus” graphic novels creator Art Spiegelman, is getting into the family business. She is publishing a new comic called “RESIST!, ” which is an attack on Donald Trump.

Much has been said about the people on Donald Trump’s team’s associations with anti-Semitic movements like alt-right. The Anti Defamation League has condemned people like Steve Bannon who is set to be Donald Trump’s senior White House adviser. The web page calling for submissions to “RESIST!” is headlined, “RESIST forces that would divide us. RESIST! RESIST the normalization of fascism.”

It is not surprising that Nadia Spiegelman is taking such a strong stand against fascism, but is she justified in pinning that label on Donald Trump? “Maus” was a controversial graphic work about the Holocaust which depicted the Jewish victims as mice. So in speaking out to try and stop what she believes to be a similar threat in America is understandable. But many point out that calling Donald Trump a fascist and making comparisons to Nazism are unjustified and indicative of the very problems with the American Left which helped Trump win the election. Others, like the ADL, say that there is always a need to remain vigilant and to keep an eye on things.

The artist is currently taking submissions for the new comic which will be published first in a special edition of Gabe Fowler’s Smoke Signal. Thirty thousand copies of Spiegelman’s RESIST! will be distributed in Washington D.C. on January 20, the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration as President of the United States. It is co-written by Françoise Mouly, art editor of The New Yorker and Spiegelman’s mother.

Nadia Spiegelman told JTA that she and her mother, who converted to Judaism before marrying her father, have already received more than 500 submissions for “RESIST!” She said, “We’ve clearly hit a nerve. There’s such a need that people have, especially artists, to find ways to begin to pick up a pen and fight against this. Now more than ever we do need to use our voices and make them as loud as possible.”

The artist is also an author. Her new personal memoir “I’m Supposed to Protect You from All This” is getting rave reviews. In it, Nadia Spiegelman talks about four generations of mothers and daughters, from Paris to New York and back again.

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