Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016

Three Israeli Supreme Court justices face war crimes suit for authorizing wall barrier in West Bank

West Bank Wall - israel-palestinian_wall Israel-Palestinian Wall Ich Bin Eine Berliner Photo Marc Venezia

A war crimes suit was filed in Santiago, Chile, on Monday against three Israeli Supreme Court justices. The suit revolves around their vote in favor of authorizing the construction of Israel’s separation barrier around the West Bank, Haaretz newspaper reports.

The lawsuit, which also alleges crimes against humanity, is based on a precedent of Nuremberg trials. It was filed by Palestinians from Beit Jala, near Betlehem and has support from Chilean lawmakers from all parties left, right and centrist, sources tell Haaretz.

It is not clear if the people behind the suit would have a case if the barrier went exactly along the pre-1967 border between Israel and what was then part of Jordan. It is also odd that they took the case to Chile, rather than the World Court in The Hague or to the European Court of Justice. If they win then it will be hard for the plaintiffs to collect any damages unless the judges in question were to actually travel to Chile.

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