Jared Kushner Is The ‘Forbes’ Cover Man For December

"How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House."

Jared Kushner has given an exclusive interview to Forbes Magazine. The publication has declared him to be the man who won Trump The White House.

So depending on how you look at it, Kushner is either a hero or the man to blame. After all, the man married to Ivanka Trump is a life long Democrat.

The magazine points out that a year ago this young man had absolutely no experience in politics. His main focus was operating his family’s business Kushner Companies. Like Donald Trump himself, Jared Kushner is a second generation real estate mogul who got started by using his family name.

Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, told Forbes, “Best I can tell, he actually ran the campaign and did it with essentially no resources.”

And much has been said recently about what job Jared Kushner will get in the Trump White House. However, Trump critics have been quick to point out that Kushner may be prohibited from having an official role due to anti-nepotism laws, while others say that these laws only apply to the Federal Government outside of the White House Staff.

Regardless, nothing prohibits the real estate mogul from working on Donald Trump’s transition team where he has had a very high profile so far.

And a lot has been said about the turmoil in the Donald Trump transition team since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was deposed. Forbes gives much of the credit for what it describes as a “Stalinesque purge” to Donald Trump’s only son-in-law.

But Jared Kushner told Forbes, “Six months ago Governor Christie and I decided this election was much bigger than any differences we may have had in the past, and we worked very well together. The media has speculated on a lot of different things, and since I don’t talk to the press, they go as they go, but I was not behind pushing out him or his people.”

It should also be remembered that plenty of important businessmen in America have served as advisers and personal representatives of Presidents in the past without having any official role or title in the American government. This could be an important role that Jared Kushner could fill.

Donald Trump values loyalty and is very appreciated of his son-in-laws help on the campaign. He trusts Kushner and believes that Jared has proven himself.

As Hnery Kissinger put it to Forbes, “Every president I’ve ever known has one or two people he intuitively and structurally trusts. I think Jared might be that person.”

So no one should be surprised to see Jared Kushner in the news a lot over the next four years.

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