Published On: Sat, Nov 26th, 2016

Wisconsin Recount Thanks to Jill Stein


A Wisconsin recount is coming thanks to Jill Stein. The Green Party candidate was behind the push, not Hillary Clinton.

Jill Stein’s camp has raised more than $5 million since the elections for the Wisconsin recount and is also seeking recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan. Wisconsin has a December 13 deadline to complete any recount.

“We are standing up for an election system that we can trust; for voting systems that respect and encourage our vote, and make it possible for all of us to exercise our constitutional right to vote, ” Stein said in a statement.

“We demand voting systems that are accurate, secure and accountable to the people. This is part of a larger commitment to election reform that our campaign and the Green Party has long stood for, which includes open debates, an end to voter ID laws and voter suppression, and ranked choice voting.”

Hillary Clinton supporters now have their fingers crossed praying that the election results can be changed in these states. Its was Donald Trump’s flipping Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan to the Republican side for the first time since the 1980s which made the difference in the election. He did not win a majority of the vote in any of the three and flipping just two of them would give Clinton the election.

The elections in Wisconsin were so close that the State’s decision to negate thousands of ballots cast before election day could have made the difference for Clinton, as well as for Democratic former Senator Russ Feingold who came very close to winning back the seat which he lost in 2010.

If the Wisconsin recount does make a difference, then the Democrats will have Jill Stein to thank for it.

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