Indegy — An Israeli Cyber Security Startup Protects From Attacks, Raised $18 Million so Far


Indegy is an Israeli startup which specializes in industrial cyber security. It has already raised $18 million in funding, which is quite a lot of money for any startup.

Founded in late 2014 by Barak Perlman, Ido Trivitzki and Mille Gandelsman, the Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Platform provides visibility and security which it say allow industrial control networks ensure operational safety and reliability.

The three are graduates of the IDF Talpiot academic program and served in the famous 8200 intelligence unit in leadership roles. So score one more for the Israeli Defense Forces Vaunted cyber unit in its contribution to the continuing success of Startup Nation.


Obviously Israel is a nation where cyber security is taken very seriously. All security is taken seriously there. But the world today has seen cyber security breaches on almost a daily basis, whether it is the hack of customer of Target stores’ credit card information or of the Sony Pictures’ e mail system.

The Indegy platform is based on patent-pending core technologies that monitor ICS networks and provide visibility into control-plane activities identifying changes to controller logic, configuration, firmware and state in real-time. The platform includes built-in applications which support the implementation of security practices in ICS Environments: Automated Asset Management, Configuration Control, Risk Assessment, Real-Time Network Activity Monitoring, Change Management and Security Policy Enforcement.

Did you understand stand all that? Well then you must be a cyber security expert. All that really matters is that the tech works. Who understands how their computer’s anti-virus works anyway?


Dana Tamir, Indegy VP of marketing, told Jewish Business News in an interview, “I believe that this is the next frontier of the cyber war, the results of an attack on critical infrastructure would be much more devastating than data theft.”

“We’ve introduced our solution to the market, we want to expand our operations and that means extending our sales and marketing teams as well as customer support.”

So where did the $18 million come from? It was raised from six different seed investors including Shlomo Kramer, who co-founded Checkpoint, one of Israel’s most successful high tech firms and also a cyber security company.

Dana, who previously worked for Trusteer which was acquired by IBM, said that she was excited by the technology the company is developing and the opportunity to work with the team there.

“It’s really a great team here, ” said Tamir.


So what is Indegy doing with all that money?

“We are hiring more employees. We want to develop new features and expand coverage, ” explained Tamir.

“We’ve raised enough money to support the growth of the company for the next few years. That is our focus right now, growing, not an exit.”

They have an extensive research lab here in Israel in Tel Aviv. “We can offer specialized products because of the unique nature of our research lab. No one else can offer this type of service.”

Their sales operations are in the U.S as well as Europe. Being around the world helps the company improve its product and development.

“The fact that we have technologies from all of the different vendors in the market allows us to do extensive research on proprietary protocols used in industrial networks to monitor and protect them in those networks.”

So look out cyber terrorists! Israel is watching. And startups like Indegy are about to make your lives a living hell.

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