Published On: Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

Russia developed Killer robot that can detect and shoot to death a human from over four miles away

Finnish intelligence agencies claim Russia is secretly prepare for an invasion.


The Russian military is believed to have developed a killer robot which can detect a human from over four miles away – and shoot them dead – could be being implemented at the Russian border. The new machin can be deployed in just 30 seconds and fire both bullets and grenades toward its targets. Asemi-self aware robot will be able to identify the difference between an ally and an enemy.

The robot will be used mainly to monitor the location of drones, and other aerial weapons which try to cross the border, find information about their origin and track their movement, before sending all information to an operating base.



Features of the ‘Flight’ mode included radar, thermal imaging and both colour and black and white video cameras to provide Russian soldiers the best view of their target before they exterminate it.

Chief project engineer, Dmitry Perminov, said: “In its structure there is a radar unit that detects a target: human – to about 7km distance, the car – up to 10km. After detection, the target is in engaged using an optical system.” He added “This system can be applied not only as a military interface, but also for the protection of any strategic objects. Interest in it is not only the military, but also in oil to control the pipeline and stop tapping and the theft of oil. We already had a real case during the system test. At some point the robot recorded the theft of electric cables. It filmed a video where a man was seen sawing a wire. A team was sent out and he was caught red-handed.”





Finnish intelligence agencies claim Russia is secretly prepare for an invasion.
according to Finnish media security police force SUPO said foreigners were purchasing plots in Finland to accommodate house Russian military forces.

Finnish Iltalehti claim that a parliamentary committee reportedly warned: “These measures may be caused by preparations to influence a forthcoming crisis situation.








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