Jewish Sex Offender Yona Weinberg Sues Rabbi Just For Warning People In Israel


Yona Weinberg, a convicted child molester from Brooklyn, is suing Rabbi Yakov Horowitz for slander just for tweeting a warning to people in Israel about Weinberg’s arrival in that country. Weinberg had fled Brooklyn after new allegations were leveled against him.

Yes you heard that right. The pedophile is suing the rabbi for slander. The Daily Beast reports that a hearing is scheduled to take place on the law suit on November 23 in a Jerusalem court

Rabbi Horowitz had previously ignored Yona Wenberg’s suit. But this resulted in a $55, 000 judgement against him made by the court in June 2015. In what kind of world do we live in where a convicted child molester can win a law suit for slander. The rabbi had simply tweeted a warning to locals that a convicted sex offender was living among them.

But he failed to appear in court. The rabbi said that he did not understand or even know that he had been subpoenaed to do so. Rabbi Horowitz was served in Israel, but he is not an Israeli and lives in America.

He later had that judgement reversed and now fully intends to appear in court this time. “The ticket is purchased. Let the games begin, ” said Rabbi Horowitz.

As he told The Daily Beast, if Weinberg wins the case then “Every sex offender would be given the script: molest kids, move to Israel, sue anyone who posts anything about you.”


Rabbi Horowitz took action because unlike in America, Israel has no laws requiring sex offenders to be listed on a national registry. And Yona Weinberg was never convicted of a felony in Israel.

But Rabbi Horowitz is not backing down and is continuing to Tweet away his warnings about Weinberg.

“PIKUACH NEFESH” refers to the Jewish commandment that saving a person’s life is so important that one is required to break any of the other commandments in order to do so.

Weinberg fled to Israel in January 2015 to avoid charges of assaulting a young boy in a synagogue. But he was only sought for a misdemeanor offense and not a felony which meant that Israel did not need to extradite him.

Soon the Israeli courts will decide if Rabbi Horowitz did the right thing or not. He did.

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