Published On: Wed, Nov 9th, 2016

B. J. Novak And Ceilidh Garten — 21 Year Old Instagram Hottie — Are an Item



B. J. Novak and Ceilidh Garten are a couple. He is the 37 year old former writer and star of the hit comedy “The Office” and she is a 21 year old Instagram model. Does this count as a May December romance?

You saw Garten above, now here is a picture of Novak.


B. J. novak The Office


The New York Post’s Page Six broke the news about the relationship.

A photo posted by ceilidh joy (@lilmixedhunny) on


Ceilidh Garten goes by @lilmixedhunny on Instagram and has more than 72, 000 followers. Apparently she has a genius IQ and quit school to make money on Instagram.

And B.J.Novak’s friends say that while Garten is of age, she looks more like she is 12. So while the relationship may be legal, many women will probably find it a bit gross.

Men of course wish they were Novak.


i love!! to dance!!

A photo posted by ceilidh joy (@lilmixedhunny) on


Just look at these pictures of Ceilidh Garten and judge for yourself. So many people mock all the social media celebs who became famous for nothing. But if you have enough followers then there is money to be made just by posting your picture on Instagram and Twitter. And, even though, she could have been a scientist or something, Garten will probably make a lot more money in a short period of time this way and get to be famous to boot.



A photo posted by ceilidh joy (@lilmixedhunny) on

And the couple met through social media too.

So will the B. J. Novak and Ceilidh Garten relationship last. Who Cares?

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