Published On: Sun, Nov 6th, 2016

WATCH: Ivanka Trump prays for Donald’s success at Lubavitch rabbi’s Grave

It is a Jewish custom to visit the graves of great sages to pray when asking for something from God or in times of trouble.

In a video posted on Twitter, Ivanka covered her hair with a black cap and is seen accompanied by her husband who wears a black skullcap. They are joined by Trump’s Israel Advisor Jared Greenblatt.

While not nearly the largest Jewish sect, the Lubbavitch are probably the most prominent. Many still call Rabbi Schneerson the messiah and the group has the most support from non-Jews of any Jewish sect. They are known for their emissaries around the world and every year 2, 000 people attend their Passover seder in Nepal.

But what would Rabbi Schneerson have thought of Donald Trump’s candidacy? Who knows? Whatever the result on Tuesday, no one will say that Trump won or lost just because of this visit.

Ivanka and Jared are thought to be the most powerful people in Trump’s campaign. Ivanka is raising her family in an Orthodox home and keeps both Shabbat and a Kosher kitchen.

Donald Trump is Presbyterian, but Ivanka told CNN that her father immediately accepted her decision to convert. “My father was very supportive. He knows me. He knows and he trusts my judgment, ” she said. “When I make decisions, I make them in a well-reasoned way. I don’t rush into things.”

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