Published On: Mon, Oct 10th, 2016

Carrie Fisher Declares Donald Trump a ‘Coke Head’


Carrie Fisher has declared that Donald Trump is definitely a cocaine addict. The Star Wars star made the comment about Trump when agreeing to a fan’s question on Twitter.

The fan asked about Donald Trump’s notorious sniffling, “tell me something about that sniffle… coke head or no.” Fisher responded, “I’m an expert and ABSOLUTELY.” (capitals were hers) This was a reference to Carrie Fisher’s own problems with drug addiction.

So its now official. What could Donald Trump possibly do to counter an accusation leveled against him by Princess Leia herself?

Many a celebrity has been commenting on Trump’s sniffles. Is it a sinus problem? Could it be allergies? Some have gone so far as to speculate that Donald Trump snorts a few lines of coke before a debate which explains his early surge of energy followed by a later downswing.

They also point out that he only sniffles at the debates.

This of course is the most important takeaway from this year’s Presidential debates. Not the questions asked, the answers given, the candidates’ comportment, how often they interrupt each other and so on. Its Donald Trump’s sniffles.

Carrie Fisher had made waves over the summer when she said that Donald Trump would make a great Jabba The Hut in a Star Wars movie. At least that was her answer when asked by a TMZ reporter which Star Wars character Trump would be best at portraying.

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