Jessica Alba May Be The World’s Biggest Krav Maga Fan

 Jessica Alba in  Mechanic: Resurrectionstar / Youtube


Jessica Alba has been fan for years of Krav Maga, the official self-defense system of the Israel Defense Forces. But now the Mechanic: Resurrectionstar is crediting for her ability to perform her own stunts in the new action-thriller.

“I did all my stunts for Mechanic: Resurrection. Hand-to-hand combat is where I’m home, ” Alba told Us Weekly.

“It gets you in good shape and you’re also learning a skill. It’s an effective workout because of the kicking and punching with the resistance of another individual, ” said Margolin.

Now, as she does the press rounds to drum up interest for Mechanic: Resurrection, Alba is once again praising this Israeli hand-to-hand combat system.

“I jumped at the opportunity, ” she told Today about her role as tough girl Gina. “Also being able to see the female lead not just be the damsel in distress, but get to actually get in there and do the action and kick some butt.”

Krav Maga, which literally means “contact combat” in Hebrew, has long been the go-to fitness trend for Hollywood actors. Angelina Jolie famously learned the Israeli contact sport for her roles in the Tomb Raider series. Other high-profile disciples to have turned to this technique to buff up for film roles include Brad Pitt, Lucy Liu, and Jennifer Lopez, among others.

Of course, Krav Maga is not just for entertainers. The technique is taught to law-enforcers and thousands of civilians in the United States and around the world.

The simple, effective self-defense system emphasizes instinctive movements and realistic training scenarios.

“You take your opponent down basically with anything that’s around as quickly as possible and then you get out of the situation, so it’s brutal, it’s fast, to the point, and it was fun to do!” Alba told Today.

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