Published On: Wed, Aug 24th, 2016

Amy Schumer has sex with Ben Hanisch “every day”

.Amy Schumer and  Ben Hanisch


The ‘Trainwreck’ actress has revealed details about her active sex life with her boyfriend but quipped she just “lies there”.

She said: “When it comes to sex, I lay there like I’m going to get a CAT scan so I’m not pleasing anyone. You know when you start dating someone, you’re like, ‘I love giving head?’ I don’t know what it is. I was just too busy. Too tired. No lies. Too busy.

“We love having sex with each other, but there’s no performing. He’s so sweet.”

However, it hasn’t been easy for the couple to keep up with their intimacy recently as Amy is suffering from fractured ribs.

“You know what not sexy? Having sex with a girl whose ribs hurt. That’s not hot.”

The 35-year-old comedienne was raped as well as being in an abusive relationship and says both have caused her to have “trust issues” with men.

She added: “I know logically that he’s not [going to hurt me]. It’s not who he is. But I do have moments where I get afraid, and it’s all my own stuff.

He’s the most gentle [guy]. He only wants to take care of me.

“But yeah, I’ll get some sort of little bit of a flashback and kind of freak out. That’s happened just once with us, but it’s really upsetting to me that it’s still part of my DNA. Talking about it probably helped us get closer.”

Meanwhile, Amy has met Ben’s parents and say they are the “sweetest people”.

Speaking on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show, she said: “His parents are the sweetest people. They are from the Midwest. They’re just the happiest. His mom just always seems like she was just called down as a contestant on The Price Is Right. She’s so nice and she sends me nice notes. They’re just the loveliest people. I lucked out. I really like his mom so much.”

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