Published On: Wed, Jul 27th, 2016

Miami Developer Moishe Mana says he’ll donate $1 Million to charity if Trump reveals his tax returns

Moishe Mana loves America, and he certainly won't let a man like Donald Trump walk all over it. During an interview with New Times yesterday, the Miami superdeveloper, who owns most of the south end of Wynwood, sounded choked up talking about his pride for this country.

Moishe Mana and 2450 Northwest Fifth Avenue photo source The Real Deal

“I came here as a dishwasher, ” Mana says though his thick Israeli accent. “America, for me, this is the best-ever country that the human race ever created. America has been so good to me.”

So, Mana says, to ensure that Trump doesn’t become president and decimate our still-great nation, he’ll donate $1 million to a charity of Trump’s choosing — but only if Trump finally releases his much-debated tax returns.

“Many people voting for him think he’s so rich and charitable, ” Mana says. “But he’s not rich as he says, not charitable as much as he says. Not close to it.”

Many in politics assume Trump’s tax returns are the smoking gun to prove Trump isn’t nearly as rich as he claims. Others say the returns will prove he’s deeply tied to numerous Russian oligarchs. Many have speculated that Trump has financial ties to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, the man almost certainly behind the recent hack of Democratic National Committee emails, and that Putin hacked the DNC to tip the scales in Trump’s favor. But Trump has repeatedly refused to release his tax returns, claiming he’s part of an ongoing audit. The IRS, however, says there is nothing preventing Trump from publicizing his returns. ..[more]

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