Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

The Top Issues For American Voters In The 2016 Election

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Which issues are at the forefront of voters’ minds in advance of the Republican and Democratic party conventions later this month? Pew Research recently found that registered voters in the United States consider the economy the most important issue of the 2016 campaign. 84 percent of respondents reported that the economy is “very important” to their vote, slightly ahead of terrorism’s 80 percent.

Considering the ongoing struggle to contain the so-called Islamic State as well as the sabre-rattling of a resurgent Russia, it comes as no surprise that foreign policy is also a key issue for voters. It comes third with 75 percent considering it very important. Gun policy is also considered a key concern by 75 percent of the electorate.

This chart shows the percentage of registered voters saying each is “very important” to their vote.

Infographic: The Top Issues For Voters In The 2016 Election | Statista

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