Published On: Wed, Jul 6th, 2016

New Map Shows Nearly Every Hiking Trail in California

Insets for Los Angeles and Orange County included!

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California offers an unlimited options for hiking from the Santa Monica Mountains to the Sierras. The California Hiking Map is Jason Mandly’s idea soon to be executed.

Mandly does acknowledge on his website that he might have missed a few trails, and encourages users of the map to reach out to him, for the future revisions. He also says on his Kickstarter page, that he was going deep into the project because a map of this kind simply didn’t exist. Now, hikers can plan future trips using a single point of reference.

Here is some more info posted in Mandly’s website:

Q: What is the California Hiking Map?

A: The California Hiking Map is a large poster (40 in. wide by 60 in. tall) that attempts to show all the hiking trails in California on one map. More specifically, all the hiking trails that are (theoretically) open to the public and are long enough to be seen on a map of this scale (generally about 2 miles in length or longer). The trails shown generally include hiking trails, Class 1 bike paths, and fire roads closed to vehicles. This map also highlights select long distance trails and historical trails. Insets were made for some areas that have a high volume of trails in close proximity.

I have imagined the California Hiking Map as being a tool for cataloging trails that you have hiked as well as a way to find new hiking opportunities across the state.

Q: What does the map look like?


New Map Shows Nearly Every Hiking Trail in California


Q: How was this map made?

A: This map was created with data obtained from the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service…

See more info on his website


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