Israeli entrepreneurs and idea makers continue to find success on crowdfunding platforms. During June, LifeBEAM, Zore and iBox hit their funding goals and beyond.

Israeli-founded LifeBEAM is on its way to the million-dollar mark for its augmented reality (AI) personal trainer, Vi. The company’s Kickstarter campaign for Vi, running through July 20, topped its $100, 000 goal in just 90 minutes.

“Frankly, the folks at Fitbit should be freaking out. I think I just saw the future of exercise, ” reports Thrillist about the Vi device.



Gun safety is a top priority today the world over but there are still too many stories about accidental discharges. So, a team of IDF veterans – from combat and elite technology units – have come together to improve storage solutions with the ZØRE-X gun lock.

The lock, according to its makers, is revolutionary because it lets gun owners “go from a locked firearm to disengaging & chambering a round and firing it.” The ZØRE-X electro mechanical dial lets owners unlock their firearm in “any circumstances, even in the dark.”

The Israeli tech allows the lock to be opened by turning the dial a few notches back and forth according to a pre-selected PIN code, regardless of the dial starting point.

The ZØRE-X will also notify owners if the gun has been tampered with.

The crowdfunding community pushed the Zore team past their $100, 000 goal in 48 hours. The campaign is running for two months.

Ammoland, a shooting sports news service, declared Zore “the most promising gun storage company of the 21st century.”


   iBox contains a surprise mix of blue-and-white products. Image: screenshot  ibox-screenshot-1168x657