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Trump Force One Vs. Air Force One



When it comes to describing Donald Trump’s private jet, the word “impressive” would be an understatement. The presumptive Republican Party nominee bought the Boeing 757-200 from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and he spared no expense kitting it out. Dubbed “Trump Force One, ” the luxurious jet is equipped with a shower, gold-plated seatbelt buckles and a 52-inch flatscreen with a library of 1, 000 movies. Built in 1991, the 757 is estimated to have cost approximately $100 million. If Trump reaches the White House in November, he’ll have to exchange his personal jet for the presidential fleet, two highly modified Boeing 747-200Bs. The aircraft used by the president were built in 1986 and operate with the Air Force One callsign when the president is onboard. Will switching jets prove one of Trump’s few regrets if he becomes president?

Even though it cannot boast gold-plated accessories, Air Force One is a larger aircraft, seating 70 passengers in comfort compared to Trump Force One’s 43. The presidential jet is also slightly faster with a range of about 6, 800 nautical miles compared to 4, 100 for a 757. A VC-25A can also be refuelled in mid-air by a tanker, extending its range even further.


TRUMP JET  Boeing 757-200


The two presidential planes cost $325 million each and their cost of operation comes to $179, 750 per hour. The hourly cost of operation for a standard 757 is just over $8, 000 by comparison, though the taxpayer will pick up the higher bill for Air Force One. All that bling certainly inflated the cost of Trump Force One but Air Force One is expensive because it’s packed with equipment and facilities to keep the president and his or her entourage safe at all times. There is a hospital onboard, electronic countermeasures and heavy shielding to afford protection in the event of an electromagnetic pulse during a nuclear attack. All in all, if Trump does end up travelling regularly on Air Force One, he probably won’t regret trading in his gold seatbelt buckle for the presidential suite on one of the most sophisticated airliners in the world.

This chart shows the numbers behind Trump’s private jet and the U.S. presidential transport aircraft.

Infographic: Trump Force One Vs. Air Force One | Statista

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