Israeli cyber security sartup Sixgill raises $5 million to crawl the Dark Web for cyber crime

Sixgill’s cyber intelligence platform automatically monitors the Dark Web for malicious attacks, offering organizations actionable intelligence and comprehensive solutions to pre-empt and mitigate cyber-attacks and damage.

L-R Avi Kasztan and Elad Levi cofounders Sixgill


Sixgill, an Israeli cyber intelligence SaaS startup that analyzes the Dark Web, is announcing today its official public launch and the closing of a $5 million series “A” financing round led by Elron.

Founded in 2014 by Avi Kasztan and Elad Lavi in Citi Accelerator in Tel Aviv. Sixgill was chosen among the top 5 most innovative companies at the Cybox competition at Cybertech in 2016.

The new funds will be used to increase Sixgill’s ability to detect and defuse cyber-attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web before they occur, and to provide clients with this information through real-time alerts.

The Dark Web has become an encrypted and anonymous hub for nefarious activity. It is the source of many cyber-attacks and hacks, and facilitates the exchange of illicit information and collaboration on criminal and terrorist plans.

Packed with difficult to find forums and pages, the Dark Web can be seen as a social network with different pieces of communications and data scattered across it. Due to its disparate nature, accessing information regarding an upcoming hack attack is very difficult.

Sixgill solves this problem by using proprietary algorithms and technology to connect the Dark Web’s dots, and provide actionable information enabling organizations to prevent attacks against them and their employees.


SIXGILL - Sixgill CEO and Co-Founder,   Avi Kasztan


How It Works

Sixgill utilizes automated monitoring of closed, open, and hybrid Dark Web forums, where it collates and analyzes “big data” to create profiles and patterns of Dark Web users and their hidden social networks.

This allows Sixgill to identify potential hackers based on their activities, and track them as they plan malicious and illegal activity. Sixgill sends its clients real-time alerts about these threats. Such information is critical to corporations, governments, and cyber security firms. Sixgill’s platform can also be used to identify sensitive data leaks, expose illegal marketplaces, and warn of physical attacks to organizations and individuals.

Sixgill’s initial funding was provided by Terra Venture Partners which also participated in the funding round led by Elron.



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