WATCH: Israeli Aerospace Industries Reveals The Innovative New Systems to 2016 Eurosatory – The Air-Land Defence Show

EuroSatory 2016 - IAI presents the RoBattle - a Combat Maneuvering & Support Ground Robot, RES-Q-CELL-New Cellular Search and Rescue System, Bird Eye 650D STUAS Enters Serial Production and more.


Micro SATCOM- ARAN design studio IAI


IAI introduces new Soldier “On -The-Move” (OTM) Personal SATCOM micro-terminal

Compact Phased Array SATCOM for the ground soldiers will be revealed at EUROSATORY 2016. The ELK-1882A “On-the-Move” (OTM) Personal SATCOM micro-terminal provides personal bi-directional voice and data communication for lower echelon ground combatants.

The ELK-1882A micro-terminal comprises a phased array antenna, a Software Design Radio (SDR) module, and an energy module or battery-pack. Operating in the Ku frequency band via commercial geostationary communications satellites, it complies with ITU spectrum density regulations and commercial communication satellite operator standards. Optional applications include VOIP, telemetry, SMS, narrowband communication and relay capabilities, such as combat voice network SATCOM backhaul.

In today’s dynamic battlefield enabling continuous OTM communication for lower echelon Special Forces and dismounted soldiers, as well as for platoon, company and battalion commanders is imperative. Operations of independent small forces frequently take place in locations which are Beyond-Line-Of-Sight (BLOS).

At the present time, these fighting forces rely on either Line-of-Sight (LOS) systems which cannot provide continuous and reliable communications, or on mobile or static BLOS systems. The novel micro-terminal BLOS OTM system enables the existing gap between legacy LOS tactical radios to be closed, and allows for an extension of the current soldier communication network to OTM BLOS. The system is designed for BLOS operations of either mounted or dismounted ground forces. In addition, the same phased array antenna technology is adapted to combat vehicles and airborne systems, using a conformal antenna system.


Drone Guard system


“Drone Guard” system shows increasing sales as Leading Anti-Drone Provider

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is viewing a steadily increasing demand for its Drone Guard detection and disruption counter UAV system, for both military and civilian applications. The recently unveiled system has already been purchased by several customers for critical asset and personnel protection. Numerous potential customers have already attended dedicated demonstrations of the system versus various drone threats, with more demonstrations anticipated for the coming months.

The use of small drones has increased dramatically over the years, making them a potential threat to critical infrastructures, other aircraft and homeland security (HLS), due to their small size, low speed and low flight altitude.  IAI is offering specially designed 3-Dimensional (3D) radars and existing Electro-Optical (EO) sensors for detection and identification, as well as dedicated Electronic Attack (EA) jamming systems for disrupting drone flight.



About IAI’s Drone Guard system: To detect low signature, low-level and low-speed airborne targets, ELTA has adapted to this specific mission its 3D radars, which include the ELM-2026D, ELM-2026B and ELM-2026BF for short (10km), medium (15km) and long (20 km) ranges, respectively, with special drone detection and tracking algorithms, as well as adapting them with EO sensors for visual identification of the target. In order to disrupt the hostile UAV, ELTA has developed advanced adaptive jamming systems which can be used in concert with its detection and identification sensors, or as a continuously operated stand-alone system. The jamming disrupts the drone’s flight and can either causes it to return to its point-of-origin (‘Return Home’ function) or to shut down and make a crash landing.


RoBattle IMI


RoBattle – a Combat Maneuvering & Support Ground Robot – The newest member in the family of Unmanned Ground Robotics Systems

The RoBattle – is an unmanned, heavy duty, highly maneuverable combat and support robotic system. The system is designed to be integrated with tactical forces in mobile, dismounted operations and support a wide range of missions including intelligence, surveillance and armed reconnaissance; convoy protection, decoy, and ambush and attack.

Based on the IAI’s cutting edge technology, RoBattle, the newest member of the family of unmanned ground robotic systems from IAI, is equipped with a modular “robotic kit” comprised of vehicle control, navigation, RT mapping and autonomy, sensors and mission payloads. The system can be operated autonomously in several levels and configured with wheels or tracks, to address the relevant operational needs. Operators can equip RoBattle with different payloads including manipulator arms, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) sensors and radars, and remotely controlled weapons.



The family of IAI’s ground robotics includes:

PANDA- A combat engineering robotic platforms for overcoming roadside charges, obstacles and various engineering missions

SAHAR– IED detection and route clearing, multi sensor, counter robotic platform for IEDs located on the ground, hidden or buried

RoboCon– a convoy and logistic support robotic platform with autonomous driving including “follow me” capabilities

GUARDIUM UGV – a cost effective and tailored UGV for security and protection of strategic assets and border patrol.


BirdEye650D - IMI


In response to increased orders from multiple customers, IAI has begun serial production of hundreds of Bird Eye 650D Small Tactical Unmanned Aerial System (STUAS). The Bird Eye 650D, designed for military and paramilitary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), can conduct autonomous missions including point takeoff and point recovery, at ranges of up to 150 km and endurance of up to 15 hours. Commercial applications for the Bird Eye 650D include mapping, monitoring oil, gas and electrical distribution lines, management of water and pollution over land and maritime areas, and rapid surveillance of disaster areas.

Designed for operations at the tactical level, the Bird Eye 650D is an affordable system that requires a small logistical footprint, simple operation, short reaction time and high mobility. Bird Eye 650D is a generic platform that can be easily configured with different payloads, including electro-optical gimbaled payloads covering different spectral bands, and passive RWR/RWL electronic countermeasures (ECM). Bird Eye 650D can conduct precision electronic warfare by deploying communications jamming (COMJAM) close to the enemy, thus minimizing interference with friendly forces.



Bird Eye 650D Specifications

Mission Radius: 150 km
Mission Endurance: +15 hours
Service Ceiling: +15, 000 ft.
Cruising Speed: 40 kt.
Maximum Speed: 80 kt.
Gross Takeoff Weight (GTOW): 30kg
Maximum Payload Weight: 5.5kg
Wing Span: 4 meters
Propulsion: Gasoline Engine

RES-Q-CELL system - IAI


RES-Q-CELL: New Cellular Search and Rescue Life-Saving System

Introducing RES-Q-CELL cellular search and rescue system, designed to detect survivors in disaster areas, using accurate geo-location of the survivor’s cellular devices in order to rescue them as quickly as possible. RES-Q-CELL is field proven.

Res-Q-Cell supports world-wide cellular networks (GSM, UMTS, LTE) and provides passive and active capabilities by activating all cellular phones in the disaster area, and preforming quick identification and accurate location of mobile devices. The system can differentiate between those who are trapped and others. It detects mobile phones within a predefined wreckage area, identifies the mobile phones, and provides highly accurate 3-dimestional, dual axis, geo-location of survivors.



RES-Q-CELL can be tailored to specific area or country requirements and is designed to work in different scenarios including natural disasters such as earth quakes, storms, floods tsunami, and Home Land security for large scale venues, building fires, terrorist attacks, and more.

The system can be installed on a variety of platforms including commercial vehicles, armored vehicles, tactical aerostats and helicopters. It is operated from a lap top and designed to keep working even when cellular networks collapse.


ELI-3312 IAI


The Novel Armored Vehicle Sensors for Situational Awareness and Rapid Target Acquisition

ELI-3312 sensor suite, is based on electro-optical Hostile Fire Location (HFL) and radar sensors, at EUROSATORY 2016. The system is designed for Remote Controlled Weapon Station (RCWS) rapid target acquisition and situational awareness.

Designed by ELTA IAI’s subsidiary, the ELI-3312’s unique combination of RCWS sensors integrating HFL and a Doppler radar, allows for the automatic detection of hostile fire from light weapons, machine guns and rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and enables rapid retaliation by precise counter fire. The lightweight and compact sensor suite permits fast and simple integration to any type of vehicle or weapon type.

Asymmetric warfare is challenging modern mechanised military forces to supply actionable battlefield intelligence and retaliate rapidly against incoming threats (given their growing capabilities and attack angles). The first layer of defense is to use long-range sensors on vehicles to detect threats before those threats can bring their weapons to bear upon the vehicle. Then, by using long-range weapons, the vehicle’s crew can engage and destroy the threat – by using the combined capabilities of long-range electro-optical and radar sensors on the ground vehicle, thus rapidly closing the sensor-to-shooter cycle.

“The main lesson we have learned from recent asymmetric ground battles is that survivability of the armoured vehicle team depends on their ability to rapidly and efficiently detect and retaliate against incoming threats”, Mr. Nissim Hadas, IAI Executive VP & ELTA President explained: “This premise, long ingrained in aerial and naval warfare, is now permeating to the ground-based warfare, and will be a decisive factor in future conventional or asymmetrical combat.”



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