Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Lounging cat blocks plane at Ben Gurion

A Ukraine International Airlines flight landing in Tel Aviv had to wait on the tarmac whilst a stubborn cat laid before the plane. Neither rumbling engines nor flashing lights could persuade the feline to cede its position.

The cat lying flat


Passengers aboard a Ukraine International Airlines flight that landed in Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport on Tuesday night suffered a feline delay. A lounging cat decided to plant itself on the runway leading to Terminal 3.

The landing began normally, but the Boeing aircraft encountered the animal en route to the Terminal-3 access road. The pilot stopped the plane a few meters before the cat and waited.



A video that reached Ynet and shown here shows the cat unbothered by the plane’s rumbling engine; it remains in its place. The pilot’s attempt to encourage the animal to move by flashing the plane’s bright lights was unsuccessful.


The pilot's attempt at flashing the lights

Finally, a car from the Israel Airports Authority was dispatched to chase away the feline. The cat scurried off, and according to airport employees, his current location is unknown.


An airport vehicle chasing off the cat

By Itay Blumental, Ynet News

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