Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2016

J Street: calling for Presidential Action

President Barack Obama Meets With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu At The White House

Right now, there’s a quiet battle being waged.

On one side, powerful forces in Washington and Jerusalem are working to stop President Obama from taking further action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict before he leaves office.

As we’ve made clear, we are on the side calling for action. We believe there’s more that President Obama can and should do to prevent the situation on the ground from devolving and to chart a path forward for his successor and Israelis and Palestinians committed to peace.

In the below video, we make the case for action. Tomorrow and Thursday we’ll release videos with specific steps President Obama can take during his remaining months in the White House.



When President Obama came into office, he promised that Israeli-Palestinian peace would be a priority from day one.

Though the administration has worked hard to achieve peace, it’s clear that the conditions aren’t ripe to achieve a final peace agreement in the near future; certainly not during President Obama’s final months in office.

However, there are concrete steps the President can take to improve the situation for Israelis and Palestinians and increase prospects for peace in the future.

This week, we are releasing a series of videos on the importance of executive action and what such action could look like.


Some on the other side are engaged in a campaign to malign outside efforts as attempts to impose a solution. They portray US action and direct negotiations as mutually exclusive — though history actually shows that American facilitation has paved the way for direct negotiations and heavy US involvement has been indispensable for their success.

One pamphlet circulating on Capitol Hill was so ahistorical and dismissive of US efforts that we felt it necessary to create our own version. Feel free to share it.

After all, Capitol Hill is very much the battleground for this confrontation. President Obama will be looking to his allies in Congress to see if he has support for the types of actions we’ll outline this week. Therefore, to win this fight, we’ll need to rally members of Congress to see things our way — and speak out.

The best way to do that is to ask your Representative to cosponsor a new resolution backing Presidential action. If you’ve already done so, please share our videos and ask your friends to sign on as well.

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