Published On: Thu, May 12th, 2016

20 breathtaking pictures of Israel on its 68th birthday

Award-winning Israeli photographer shares rare picutres of Israel's landscape to mark its 68th anniversary: 'There is nowhere more beautiful.'

17 Judean desert (Photo: Israel Berdugo) Israel

This year on Independence Day, Ynet News offers you 20 spectacular aerial photographs taken over the past year from the north to the south.

The pictures were taken by Israel Bardugo from an “Israeli in the Air” helicopter. Berdugo, who photographs in Israel and around the world, won a prize last year from the prime minister for his special photography of the Western Wall.


16 pictures of Israel Mount Arbel (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

Every flight around the world, he says, “only sharpened my understanding that the region in which we live is no less than amazing. There is no country more beautiful than the land of Israel”

11 The Marina in Ashdod (Photo: Israel Berdugo) Israel
12 Israel - Olga shores (Photo: Israel Berdugo)
13 Israel The Dead Sea (Photo: Israel Berdugo)
15 Gordon swimming pool in Tel Aviv (Photo: Israel Berdugo) Israel
19 Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

20 Beaches in Tel Aviv (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

02 Beach in Tel Aviv (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

18 Religous ceremony on Mt. Meron during Lag BaOmer (Photo: Israel Berdugo)
14 Damascus Gate in the Old City to Jerusalem (Photo: Israel Berdugo)
01 Jezreel Valley (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

05 Date farm in the Arava valley in the Negev (Photo: Israel Berdugo)
04 Masada (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

03 Ben Gurion International Airport (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

06 The Old City of Akko (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

07 Tank Museum in Latrun (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

08 Mar Saba Monastery,   Kidron Valley (Photo: Israel Berdugo)

09 Western Wall Plaza (Photo: Israel Berdugo)


Via Ynet News

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