Israeli Air Quality Monitoring Software in New Dyson Air Purifier

Breezometer - Israel


Israeli big data analytics company Breezometer, has announced the providing real-time air quality data to Dyson’s new Pure Cool Link Air Purifier.

The new purifier will provide with an indication of the air quality indoor, automatically purifying pollutants from the air, and displaying which pollutants it detects.

BreezoMeter’s data will be used to provide live access to outdoor air quality data on mobile devices.

“The technology is aimed at not only cleaning the air we breathe but also enabling us to be proactive about our wellbeing through actionable air quality data.” said Ziv Lautman, BreezoMeter’s co-founder in a blog post, “Our partnership with Dyson allows us to integrate our data into a system that is providing people with an IoT connected, smart home device, which provides them with a very complete picture of the air they breathe on a daily basis, and helps them make informed decisions for their home.”



The Pure Cool Link purifier is designed to capture the smallest particles – including pollen and bacteria ­– and even traps odors and harmful toxins, such as paint fumes.

The purifier will be complemented by the Dyson Link App which will allow users to monitor the indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as remotely set and reset the air purifier as air quality levels change – for example, during allergy seasons or when cleaning or cooking.

The app also enables users to keep track of air quality history and peak pollution times – Auto-mode allows the purifier to automatically react to the monitored air quality. BreezoMeter’s outdoor air quality readings will help users stay on top of the air quality levels in all areas that are part of their day-to-day lives.


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