Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016

Some Cities Suffer Enormous Water Losses Every Year

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Some cities suffer enormous water losses every year as authorities scramble to upgrade outdated piping and minimise leaks. An OECD report examining water usage in 48 major cities across 17 countries found that the average level of water loss was 21 percent. It was much higher in Mexico, however, with the percentage share of water loss in its capital coming to 44 percent in 2012.


Statistics and Facts about the Water Industry

Water is one of the most valuable and, in many regions, also one of the scarcest resources in the world. Global water demand is projected to grow from around 4, 500 cubic kilometers in 2010 to about 6, 350 cubic kilometers in 2030. This development is driven by water needs in emerging markets such as China and India, which will likely increase their water consumption both in the municipal and the industrial sector. Just over 60 percent of the population in undeveloped areas in Caucasus and Central Asia have access to piped water on their premises.

With an annual water consumption of about 1, 630 cubic meters per person, the U.S. is the largest consumer of water. Furthermore, the United States is the leading market for wastewater treatment and utilities. In 2011, the countryexported water and sewage technology to the value of around 930 million U.S. dollars (or about 700 million euros).Sewage treatment connection in the OECD countries has also gradually increased, reaching over three-quarters of the population by 2013.


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