Published On: Tue, Mar 15th, 2016

Acro-yoga flash mob in Tel Aviv

Organizers say the 150 gravity-defying balance enthusiasts in Habima Square formed the world's largest outdoor flash mob of its kind.

Acro-yoga / Photo by Eyal Bar Israel,   Tel Aviv


On Friday morning, just three days after a terror attack on the Tel Aviv boardwalk, 150 acro-yoga enthusiasts from across the country gathered inTel Aviv’s Habima Square  for what organizers have dubbed the “largest acro-yoga flash mob in the world.”

Israelis love flash mobs, but music and dancing are so 2015. The latest trend in Israel is gravity defying gatherings, where acro-yoga and acro-balance enthusiasts meet up weekly in parks around the country. These fitness fans work in pairs to flip, fly and steady one another in jaw-dropping poses all in the name of fun and good energy.





On Friday, a group of acro-yoga practitioners decided that a group workout – and to make passersby smile — was exactly what the city of Tel Aviv needed.

Dressed in brightly colored clothing, the flyers and balancers performed a spectacular routine they had practiced for the last two months.

Jerusalem-based acro-yogi Ayo Oppenheimer, who participated in the event, was so delighted with the Tel Aviv flash mob that she sent out calls to her acro-yoga peers around the world hoping to “inspire a domino effect of acro-yoga flash mobs in cities worldwide.”




She says the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Austin, Texas acro-yoga communities have responded with interest.

Meanwhile in Tel Aviv, many spectators uploaded videos to social media to share the excitement.

And the acro-yoga community succeeded in bringing another serving of fun to the Non-Stop City.


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