Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Netanyahu vows to slash Israeli regulation

"We're commencing a great battle against excessive regulation, " the prime minister said at the first session of a special ministerial committee.

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said today at the first session of the committee on regulation, “There is excessive regulation in the State of Israel. This ministerial committee has been convened in order to reduce this burden, that costs citizens and businesses a great deal of money. We are commencing a great battle against excessive regulation and bureaucracy in Israel. The beneficiaries will be Israeli consumers and businesses.”The prime minister said he would deal with what he called “a scandalous state of affairs” in Israel: regulation of imports of electrical goods.

“You want to import high energy-use electrical goods into Israel; it’s not enough that it has a European standard that works in Spain, in Italy, and in Germany. You want to import a refrigerator or something else, but there’s a special Israeli standard, and that standard costs money, and the cost is passed on successfully, and the standard of course restricts competition, which means another addition to the price. Today, we shall simply abolish the Israeli standard; we’ll adopt the European standard, we’ll reduce prices for Israeli consumers, ” Netanyahu said.

Shortly after Netanyahu’s statement, Yuval Steinitz , Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources announced relaxation of the power consumption requirements imposed on importers of electrical devices.

The director-general of the ministry, Shaul Meridor, added announcement of relaxations in energy inspections and power consumption reporting. It was decided to abolish the obligation to carry out a power consumption examination of domestic electrical goods at an authorized laboratory when the goods enter Israel. In order to verify the importer’s energy consumption label, sample tests will be carried out. It was also decided to reduce the frequency of energy surveys for enterprises from once in five years to once in seven years, and to narrow the group of users obliged to make reports and reduce the reporting frequency from annually to once every two years.

The review focused on three areas of regulation that are the responsibility of the ministry’s energy conservation department. The decision was made at the end of a long process aided by a consulting firm.

Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz said,

“The decision on easing regulations, made in the framework of the government program for reducing the regulatory burden, will make things easier for power consumers in industry, commerce, and the public sector. At the same time as it eases regulation, the ministry continues to work to make energy usage in the economy more efficient.”

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