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Israeli Startup Takes On Google Analytics

New immigrant to Israel ​Dean Levitt​, is co-founder of Mad Mimi’s​ ​new ​startup, Teacup Analytics, which simplifies web analytics for small businesses with a new take on Google Analytics.

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Almost every website online has Google Analytics installed but very few site owners ever act on their analytics. This results, according to Forrester Research, in billions of dollars lost each year due to shopping cart abandonment and other  site issues.

Teacup Analytics founder, Dean Levitt, believes that businesses are losing out due to a failure to understand their website visitors.

South African born Dean Levitt relocated in 2014 from Honolulu, Hawaii to Tel Aviv while Teacup Analytics was in development. Levitt’s previous company, Mad Mimi Email Marketing, was acquired by GoDaddy in mid-2014, shortly after his move to Israel.

Teacup Analytics

Jewish Business News
 had a tea party with Dean Levitt.

What was the motivation behind Teacup Analytics?

One of the first features we ever built for Mad Mimi was a Google Analytics integration. I realized that there was a lot of interest in data-backed decision making but most small businesses lacked the resources to devote time and effort into analyzing their data, testing ideas and monitoring the results. I started sketching out the ideas sometime in 2012 that would become Teacup.

How does Teacup Analytics make data simpler for small businesses?

Teacup analytics is built on top of what most businesses already use, Google Analytics. Inside Teacup, there’s a library of reports, each one crafted by our analysts to answer an important question that a website own might want to know.

We monitor each customer’s recent history at a very granular level and then grade their current traffic in that context. While there’s a lot of complexity involved, we’re able to tell customers which website traffic channels are bringing them engaged visitors by simply displaying the grades of A or A+. If a channel has a lower grade, like a D, it indicates that there’s a problem that needs attention.

Teacup Analytics requires no installation and so a business can get started in less than 30 seconds.

One of the most unique features is Teacup’s Achievables tool. This feature allows the business to tell Teacup when they’ve made a change. Teacup then monitors the results over the next few months to make sure that the impact is a positive one with real, statistically significant results.

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Tell us more about your journey from Mad Mimi to Teacup Analytics.

Mad Mimi was launched by myself and my brother, Gary in 2007 and by 2013, was helping over 200, 000 small businesses send email newsletters. It started out as just the two of us,  with Gary handling the design and development while I focused on growth. When GoDaddy showed interest in acquiring Mad Mimi, it felt like a good opportunity. There was already a lot of mutual customers and the company cultures fit nicely together.

I was already building Teacup Analytics in my spare time, while living in Hawaii, having seen the need in my customers for better analytics. In January, I left GoDaddy to pursue my next startup idea and focus on Teacup Analytics .

Why did you make the move to Israel?

Although Teacup’s development is in Honolulu, I’ve always admired the tech scene here in Tel Aviv. A few of Mad Mimi’s developers were in Israel and I have family here too so it made sense. It’s been a fantastic move for me! I find myself inspired and challenged regularly.


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