Published On: Sun, Feb 7th, 2016

Chen Mingyu: Mark Zuckerberg’s daughter’s Chinese name

WATCH: Zuckerberg speaks in Mandarin

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke in Mandarin in a one-and-a-half minute video where he and wife Priscilla Chan revealed the Chinese name of their daughter, Max.

Zuckerberg said that their daughter’s Chinese name is Chen Mingyu. The surname came from Chan’s family name while Mengyu “represents our hope for a brighter tomorrow for the world.”

The couple also greeted Facebook users a Happy Chinese New Year.

“Priscilla and I are very excited to celebrate our first Lunar New Year with Max. We hope on this holiday, you are also spending it with your family and friends, ” the couple said in the video.

Zuckerberg and Chan were married in 2012. Max, their first child, was born last November.

The Facebook founder decided to learn Mandarin in 2010. In 2014, he first spoke in Mandarin before students at Tsinghua University in a question-and-answer event.

A year later, a more improved Zuckerberg gave a 20 minute speech in Mandarin. AJH/JE


Happy New Year!Happy Lunar New Year from Priscilla, Max and me! In the Year of the Monkey, I hope you and all your loved ones find happiness, health and good fortune.

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