Published On: Wed, Feb 3rd, 2016

The Coming Age of the Military Micro-Drone

These micro-drones are expected to change the face of counter terrorism and warfare, as well as law enforcement and surveillance, in a big way.

The Coming Age of the Military Micro-Drone

The Close-In Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft, or CICADA, is playfully described as a “paper airplane with a circuit board” in a recent AFP article. The micro-drone is intended to be deployed in, what the U.S. military has taken to calling, “swarms.”

The CICADA swarm is dropped from an airplane to glide down to the Earth’s surface, directed by an on-board GPS which can guide the drones to within 4.5 meters (approx. 15 ft) of its target destination from a 17 km (approx. 11 mile) descent… (READ MORE)

Black Hornet Nano Helicopter UAV/ Wikipedia


However, these aren’t the first little drones to be employed in combat situations. Another surveillance micro-drone has already been used by the British military. This was in Afghanistan back in 2012.

Dubbed as the first “commercially available personal Reconnaissance System, ” the Black Hornet is a small helicopter that weighs less than 250 grams (0.5 pound) that can either be remotely controlled or programmed for automated flight…

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