Published On: Thu, Jan 28th, 2016

Watch Stephen Hawking and Paul Rudd play quantum chess for Caltech

Did I mention Keanu Reeves is narrating from the future?

Stephen Hawking and Paul Rudd play quantum chess for Caltech


The brilliant, world-renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, and actor Paul Rudd are playing Check out this video, directed by Alex Winter, to see how things play out.

The video premiered at the university’s Beckman Auditorium, where the institute’s One Entangled Evening kicked off a two-day celebration of the past, present, and future of quantum science.

According to the filmmakers, quantum chess is “a version of the classic game of strategy that follows the rules of probability and uncertainty and treats each piece as a quantum particle.”

Hawking was an obvious choice for the video, but if you’re wondering why they tapped Rudd, it’s because he starred in Ant-Man, a film that dealt directly with quantum physics. So, you know, he’s basically an expert too.

A version of Keanu Reeves living 700 years in the future contacts Rudd and asks him to weasel his way into Caltech’s event, implying that the future of the world depends on it; Rudd can only gain entry by challenging Hawking to a board game grudge match, one live-tweeted by everyone from Judd Apatow and Will Ferrell to President Obama and Pope Francis.



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