Showtime greenlights Israeli Dark Net docuseries

Cybersecurity, bio-hacking, digital warfare and online cults coming to your living room in January




Israeli docuseries, Dark Net, will bring the dark side of technology to living rooms across the US in January, after Showtime greenlighted the eight-part disturbing television show. Dark Net is set to premiere on January 21, 2016.

The series is created by Vocativ, a Tel Aviv based technology and media company that uses deep web technology “as a force for good.” Vocativ uses its exclusive proprietary technology to search and monitor the deep web – “vast, uncharted space that includes everything from forums, databases, documents, and public records to social platforms, chat rooms, and commerce sites.”

The show will consist of half hour episodes dedicated to themes including bio-hacking, cyber-kidnapping, digital warfare, online cults, pornography addiction, the webcam sex trade among others.

“Originally used as a hidden space for the intelligence community to meet online outside of the general public’s eye, the Dark Web is now being exploited by a dangerous underworld of cyber predators and criminals. Imprisoned hackers and trolls secretly surf alongside bondage fetishists, virtual lovebirds and life-tracking disciples, ” Vocativ writes about its docuseries.

“With our growing dependence on technology and connectivity, the Internet at large has become indispensable for billions of users, enabling people to connect globally in ways they never could before. But DARK NET unveils the dangers of its unchecked shadow, raising cautionary, thought-provoking conversations about technology, privacy and how new, ever-expanding platforms are changing the way we live for the better and for worse.”

Israel21C, by Viva Sarah Press

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