Israel’s Amos-5 commercial satellite has lost forever in Space

AMOS-5 satellite launch 1


Israel’s Amos-5 commercial satellite has lost power and is a total loss, operator Spacecom, led by Shaul Elovitch, announced on Tuesday.

Communication between the Israeli operator Spacecom and the satellite was lost a month ago.

Spacecom said that no further operation of the satellite would be possible. Its statement to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange added that the satellite was insured for $158 million and that the failure would have minimal effects on the company’s value.

the manufacturer’s statement Says: “At the moment, according to the research, the most likely cause of the satellite’s failure is the total failure of either the power supply, or the onboard cable network… due to a complete internal component failure of the power supply or external exposure of a critical element of the power supply system to high [energy] cosmic ray particles or an onboard cable network.”

Spacecom announced that the satellite’s manufacturer had formed a committee to investigate the failure that led to the loss of communication.

Amos-5 manufactured by the Russian company JSC Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems, which said in a statement Wednesday that the satellite failed as a result of a problem either with the power supply or an onboard cable network due to the external impact of high-energy cosmic particles.

The satellite, which provided communications and internet services to commercial clients mainly in Africa, was launched from Kazakhstan on December 11, 2011. Amos 5 was Spacecom’s third space satellite.



AMOS-5 satellite launch 1

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