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Girls’ Expectations from Boyfriends: A Look at Compromising Ideals

For Example: On average, it takes a woman about fourteen dates before deciding if she is in love, a contrast with men’s average of only three dates.

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Girls’ Expectations from Boyfriends: A Look at Compromising Ideals

Relationships are often a form of give and take. Every person expects something different out of the world, so a connection between two people will always require compromise. Nevertheless, in staying true to oneself, there will always be a certain level of expectations that people will have. While expectations extend to people of all ages both men and women, the attention to relationship expectations usually focuses on girls’ expectations for their boyfriends. With the ideal image of chivalry in mind, one can understand why women’s expectations produce more extravagant ideas. However, these ideas ultimately emerge from desiring the best situation for a long-term relationship. In line with this, the more popular expectations develop out of various ideas for the perfect relationship.


Girls’ Expectations

Through the different ideals of unique women, these expectations can vary from the excessive to the realistic. Of course, some expectations of girls for their boyfriends are obvious extensions of a connection. For example,

  • On average, it takes a woman about fourteen dates before deciding if she is in love, a contrast with men’s average of only three dates.
  • More than half of the time, women tend to base their first impression of a man on his appearance or stance rather than his personality or what he says.
  • 89% of women would like to be contacted within two days of the first date.

From these statistics, women tend to have quicker, immediate standards that last a significant time, even if they appear somewhat disproportionate. However, these standards ultimately connect to a desire for a reliable future. Waiting an extended number of dates gives the woman an ample amount of time to learn more about her partner. At this point, she can become more comfortable around him and begin contemplating a long-term relationship. Likewise, the desire to be contacted within forty-eight hours emphasizes the need for a trusting companionship, one that can be dependable and immediate when she may want it. While women still tend to have rapid impressions of men based on their appearance, the action still stems from an instinctive desire to have a likeable and trusting companion. It’s the actual relationship’s job to create the lasting marriage.


Boys’ Expectations

Although girls’ expectations from boyfriends are often singled out for being sometimes extravagant, boys’ expectations also sometimes have excessive ends. Similar statistics from the Random History trivia list include that:

  • Nearly 40% of men do not feel confident meeting a woman for the first time.
  • The average amount of time to make a first impression on a man is about 15 minutes.
  • A man’s top dating fears involve a woman coming between him and his friends, a woman who gets in the way of his free time, a woman who turns into be a stalker, someone with no respect, or a woman who is way too high maintenance.

However, like the expectations women place on men, men’s expectations can come from valid desires and realistic actions. The man also hopes for reliable, lasting relationship, but his perspective also takes into account the desire to be independent. This is not a quality completely independent of women but a notable aspect of human compatibility.



Each person desires some sense of independence within their relationship, but there is the necessary level of compromise that must take place. Even in the statistics for women, their independence leads to a desire for an ideal man who fulfills certain qualifications and looks the part. While these ideals can lead to conflict, expectations such as a presentable appearance or a clear connection are indications of what can be a loving and lasting relationship. By understanding and fulfilling the basic qualities of these expectations, a man or woman can work towards the meaningful moments that truly define a relationship or marriage.


The team at Frugaa provided us with a recent study on Leadership Network that has proven a 97% rate of satisfaction within married couples on given days, so this kind of life can be achieved with positive results. In any lasting or realistic marriage, these moments of acknowledging one’s expectations can lead to a stronger, deeper connection. Expectations of boyfriends from women are natural reactions to independent thinkers, so by putting forth the expectations to a relationship, a couple can better ascertain what can be done to achieve the maximum amount of happiness. Extravagant or not, the woman usually views the man with the upmost confidence in his abilities. An expectation like that could be worth fulfilling.

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