Published On: Tue, Nov 24th, 2015

Public Trust In The U.S. Government Has Plummeted


A year before the presidential election, Pew Research has revealed that public trust in the U.S. government has plummeted to historic lows. 73 percent of the public trusted the government most or all of the time in 1958 when Eisenhower was president. In the years since, trust levels nosedived, reaching just 19 percent in 2015.


Nearly half of Britons think the government is corrupt

According to the people who live there, Lithuania is the world’s most corrupt nation. Gallup polled people in nearly 40 countries and the baltic state is perceived to have the most governent corruption. 75 percent of Americans said “yes” when asked if their government is corrupt, along with nearly half of Britons. Read more in the Independent.

This chart shows the percentage of the U.S. public who trust the government always/most of the time.

Infographic: Public Trust In The U.S. Government Has Plummeted | Statista

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