German dept store returns Israeli products to shelves


German dept store returns Israeli products to shelves


last week German department store KaDeWe removed products made in the West Bank and the Golan Heights from its shelves, today KaDeWe management announced that it was retracting its decision.
In its statement, the chain wrote, “We acted too hastily and insensitively. We regret this mistaken behavior, which has led to misunderstanding, and we wish to apologize for it.” The company announced that the products, including eight Israeli wines, would return to its shelves, and noted that KaDeWe was offering its customers more than 200 Israeli products. “The store opposes any kind of discrimination and intolerance, ” it stated.The store’s decision, which resulted from the European Union (EU) decision to mark products from these areas, drew angry responses from Israeli politicians. Commenting on the store’s action, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “This store was owned by Jews, and the Nazis took it away. Ironically, this store is now marking products from Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights.” He added, “It began with marking products, and now we have been told that the products have been removed – a boycott for all intents and purposes. We strongly protest this morally, factually, and historically unacceptable measure. We expect the German government, which opposed marking the products, to take action in this serious matter.”


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