Israeli owned Fiem buys John Bryce China

TRIG Talent, high-tech training, will represent Western companies with Israeli-developed HR management software and applications services.

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TRIG Talent, owned by Israeli entrepreneurs, Zvi Shalgo and Ron Efron, has acquired the operations of John Bryce in China. John Bryce is the training division of Israeli IT company Matrix IT Ltd.

TRIG specializes in high-tech training and computerized adaptive testing, based on cutting-edge technology developed in Israel and adjusted to the Chinese market.

Computerized adaptive testing is used to assess job candidates’ personality, integrity and skills. It’s based on an algorithm developed in Israel by organizational psychologists and software experts. The Chinese version has been adapted to local cultural, language and behavioral norms.

Shalgo, the major investor and managing partner in TRIG, is the founder and former CEO of PTL Group China, which supports foreign technology companies in China with outsourced management and operational services. Shalgo was also a cofounder of John Bryce China.

“This is an ideal platform for innovative companies that seek to enter the Chinese market and provide technology and advanced services for HR departments and development centers in China, ” said Shalgo.

“There is currently great demand for technological training in China, ” he said, noting that China faces a significant problem in human resources as the market shifts from a production-based economy to technology and advanced services.

China’s professional training sector was worth about $12 billion in 2014, and has grown by a compound average rate of more than 11 percent over the past four years.

The latter activity is based on an algorithm developed in Israel, by a leading team of organizational psychologists and software experts. The Chinese version of the system has been adapted to Chinese culture, language and behavior norms to ensure effective and accurate talent assessment.

Computerized Adaptive Testing is the most accurate and advanced method for assessing a candidate’s personality, integrity and skills. The concept consists of assessment scenarios generated uniquely for each examinee, as the system tunes its test questions to each individual, according to his ability level reflected in previous answers. The more scores an examinee gets in a specific area, the more difficult the questions become, in order to reach accurate assessment in a highly focused resolution. The innovative machine learning algorithm continuously improves its accuracy relying on millions of candidates’ data.

TRIG plans to represent other innovative technologies in addition to its own technology in the Chinese market, which is eager for innovative and new management methodologies. As part of its business activity, TRIG provides unique services to HR departments and to the development centers of big, leading organizations in China. TRIG will also represent Israeli and foreign companies offering software and advanced applications services for human capital management.

TRIG Talent has gained its special status, thanks to John Bryce China’s reputation in the field of hi-tech training, and consequently to a 7 years track record of operations in the country, where it has proved high professional level reflected in its Chinese operations .

TRIG is currently on the vendor list of the best leading companies in China, including big local companies as well as global companies. Among its customers are: Intel, SAP, EMC, AUTODESK, Adobe, HP, CA, Fujitsu, Sony, Marvell, ECI, CITI, Ericsson, and giant Chinese companies like: China Mobile, PingAn , China Petrol, ZTE and more.

“There is currently great demand for technological training in China”, says Shalgo. “TRIG continuously trains thousands of employees. In addition, China suffers a significant problem of human resources; as the Chinese market is changing from a production based economy to technology and advanced services, it gets harder to find skilled employees and talents for management and development jobs.

Beyond that, specific test methods to assess Chinese candidates’ credibility hardly exist in China. Moreover, there are many organizations that need to examine huge quantities of candidates, particularly due to the increasing trend of Chinese local companies going global.

Finding the right candidate in China’s scales and numbers, is like finding a needle in a haystack, which is why the trend of high level adaptive tests is gathering momentum. The Chinese are widely opening their market to knowledge in these areas, which enables a company like TRIG a large scope of business opportunities.”



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