Published On: Sun, Oct 18th, 2015

Justice Stephen Breyer Won’t Sit Out Big Energy Case Where He Had Conflict Of Interest

A Bloomberg reporter blew the lid on the inadvertent conflict, which led to Breyer's wife selling off about $33, 000 worth of stock.

Supreme Court Justice Breyer Speaks At Georgetown Law Center Forum


Justice Stephen Breyer didn’t know his wife held stock in a company with a stake in a big energy case the court heard on Wednesday, and apparently neither did she. When he learned about it following a reporter’s inquiry, she immediately got rid of it.

Late on Thursday, Bloomberg reported Breyer’s wife, Joanna, sold about $33, 000 worth of stock in Johnson Controls Inc., a company with a stake in Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association, a case the court heard on Wednesday testing the validity of a federal rule energy groups are challenging as “arbitrary and capricious.”

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