Published On: Thu, Oct 15th, 2015

Terror In Israel: Supermarket chain owner removes knives from his shelves

Rami Levy רמי בסופר 1


Rami Levy, owner of the eponymous grocery store and cell-phone mega-chains in Israel, has decided to remove knives from his shelves in light of the rise in stabbing attacks on Israeli citizens. Several of the attacks were perpetrated by Arab employees of Israeli companies, some working legally, others not.

“Everyone who enters my store will go through an inspection, ” he said. “Another measure that we’re taking, for example the knife displays in our stores – we took them down.”

He explained that the inspections are to prevent workers or customers from entering the store armed with knives, while removing them off the shelves is to prevent a potential terrorist from acquiring a knife within the store itself.

Read the full story at Arutz 7 News, by Tova Dvorin


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