VIDEO: IAI Introduces the GroundPoint- an Accurate Geo-Location Targeting System for Ground Forces

GroundPoint system- IAI

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is introducing a new, first of its kind, extremely accurate, geo-location targeting system for ground forces.

The system can pinpoint targets for GPS-guided munitions and improve the target accuracy of statistical rounds while minimizing collateral damage. GroundPoint is designed for ground observers such as Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) teams, forward aerial observers, Special Forces and control-room personnel.

The system, will be featured at the 2015 Annual Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Meeting & Exposition in Washington DC, October 12-14, (IAI North America – Booth #2039).

GroundPoint has already gained field experience achieving geo-location of targets with an accuracy of 2-3 meters in a range of up to 20Km. The system is available in several configurations: as a targeting computer which can be easily integrated with most ground observation systems; as an “add-on” kit for tripods with binoculars; or as a complete system which includes the targeting computer, observation system and peripherals. The system is based on several innovative patented algorithms.

Boaz Levi, IAI Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Systems, Missiles & Space Group said: “GroundPoint is a necessary complementary device for a variety of munitions. The system will change the operational semantics from “reference-point” to “accurate targeting” for optimized mission success. Accurate geo-location of targets can now be achieved in the field and allows armies to engage targets immediately.”


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