VIDEO: IAI reveals BlueDome – Tactical identification of friendly forces in the battlefield

Blue Dome System IAI


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is revealing BlueDome, a rapidly identifies friendly forces in the battlefield, improving combat efficiency and minimizing fratricide.

It is an independent, self-contained system, operates from dismounted troops and various ground and air platforms.

BlueDome will help achieve a significant reduction in friendly-fire incidents. The system will be on display at the AUSA Meeting & Exposition in Washington DC, October 12-14, 2015.

Operating BlueDome is simple. The interrogator can be integrated into various equipment such as field binoculars, ground vehicles and helicopters. The interrogator activates the transponder, carried by each soldier. The transponder is a small, very lightweight device that transmits coded information with the soldier’s data (identification and location). It’s worn on the soldiers’ uniform or helmet. When the interrogator receives the response from the transponder, this confirms that a friendly force has been detected.



BlueDome operates independently of any other system, without the need for long radio-communications or using navigation means that may reveal the force’s location to hostile entities. The system is highly reliable and protected from enemy jamming, misuse or interception. The immediate and dependable detection of friendly forces shortens and streamlines the process of understanding the dynamic battle management situation and minimizes friendly fire events.

BlueDome was recently tested during a large-scale demonstration where many technical and operational issues were verified. The system’s capabilities were successfully proven in various conditions including night activity and throughout urban spaces and open fields. The system identified friendly forces within a room, even when soldiers were not directly observed through the windows. Potential customers and end users attended the demonstration and were very impressed by the system’s capabilities.

Yoav Tourgeman, General Manager of IAI’s MLM Division said: “The BlueDome development was inspired by the urgent need that appears in almost every ground operation- saving friendly lives. It’s a crucial system for the current and future battlefield that can streamline combat forces operational activity and help prevent human error. BlueDome can make a significant difference and tip the scales in favor of its users.”



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