Published On: Wed, Sep 23rd, 2015

Zachary Levi Interview – Heroes Reborn


Zachary Levi Interview – Heroes Reborn


Zachary Levi’s latest TV incarnation as preternaturally gifted Luke Collins takes the actor in an exciting new direction.

The dark hero of Chuck now stretches his wings in Heroes Reborn, a 13 episode miniseries that calls on surprising, previously unseen aspects of Levi’s actor’s toolbox.

The limited series picks up where Heroes left off, one year after the devastating terrorist attack on Odessa, Texas. The gifted ones are hiding or on the run and Collins vows to find vengeance. Levi is thrilled to be part of the dynamic, 25 character shows.

We spoke with him in Toronto where the series was filmed.

Your character Luke Collins is a “bad” guy but believes he’s doing the right things. How does he stack up against Chuck?

It was a great change for me. I did Chuck for five years but I don’t want to be connected to him for the rest of my life. I said look I want to play someone darker, sexier, really strong and very different from Chuck and this is where we ended up.

There are definitely elements to this character that are anti-hero-ish. If Chuck is a hero then Luke is anti-heroish. But that’s the motivation. He wants to do what he thinks is best. The motivation of any villain is they believe in what they’re doing. It might to totally twisted, but some are crazy sociopaths.

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