Published On: Wed, Sep 16th, 2015

Monty Python in Zim Parliament, Mugabe reads wrong speech, applauded anyway



Can you Adam and Eve it?

Yesterday’s proceedings in Zimbabwe’s opening of Parliament were a worthy skit for Monty Python. A doddering 91 year old President for Life (35 years and counting) mistakenly picks up the wrong speech. Everyone else in the house knows, including a live television audience. But the autocrat has no idea he’s read the same thing before so rattles on regardless.

Opposition members watch him open-mouthed. Instead of interrupting, his own party takes sucking up to a new level by applauding The Great One’s rambling. Someone has the presence of mind to stop the TV broadcast.



But inside Parliament the embarrassment is amplified when, after he was done, Mugabe’s spokesman blames the secretarial office, adding that “the delivery in Parliament should be set aside.” This is the man who is pinning his nation’s hopes on a bailout from a China that’s licking its wounds after taking a $400bn bath in the financial markets.

The man who fired a long-serving deputy to anoint his young wife as his successor. Last week he appointed his nephew to enforce BEE ownership requirements that have killed any semblance of possible possibility investment. Now this. Were in business, shareholders would have put him out to pasture years ago. Instead, in January, other heads of state voted Mugabe chairman of the African Union.


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