Published On: Sun, Aug 30th, 2015

Russia stakes claim to the lost treasures in Poland’s missing Nazi gold train

The train went into one of a series of tunnels the Nazis built in the mountains similar to this one


The secret contents of the Nazi gold train located in Poland is fast becoming the centre stage of an international row even before any treasure has been retrieved. The Kremlin could claim any valuables in the locomotive as compensation for wartime losses, according to reports.

“Representatives of Russia should undoubtedly be involved in determining the value of the items discovered if the train is located, ” lawyer Mikhail Joffe told Sputnik News. “In this case, Poland is obliged to engage international experts to clarify what is in the cargo.

“If the property has been taken from territory, including USSR, then the cargo, in accordance with international law, must be passed to the Russian side, ” he added.

Read the full story at International Business Times, by Romil Patel






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