Published On: Tue, Aug 18th, 2015

Why Amy Schumer still lives in a tiny one-bedroom walk-up apartment in New York City

Despite being renowned for championing women in comedy, Judd Apatow says his venture with Amy Schumer was down to the fact that she’s just a funny person,



In 2011, The 34-year-old comedian Amy Schumer talked to BrickUnderground about her apartment woes:

I moved to NYC to become an actress in 2003 when I graduated from college. I found a small studio for the monthly rent of $1, 275 in Chinatown via Craigslist where I dealt with a shady broker — again with my habit of gravitating towards abusive relationships — who tried to give me advice on how to hack it in this city. I thought I could afford the place but soon had to get a roommate — in a STUDIO. I placed an ad on Craigslist and found a student from Ohio willing to pay for half the rent to sleep on a loft bed. Luckily she was great and we’d sit around watching ‘Sex and the City.’ Neither of us had much of a social life as bringing someone home was really tricky.

From there, Schumer moved to “a huge 2BR duplex in Chelsea for only $1, 600 a month” where she only had to pay $800 a month, but things didn’t work out because “the only issue with the apartment was the roommate was a big slut.”

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