Published On: Sun, Aug 16th, 2015

Let Irwin Schiff Die With His Family Not In Prison

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You don’t have to agree with Irwin Schiff’s views on the federal income tax, to feel sympathy for Peter Schiff’s request that his father be released from prison. Irwin, now 87, has been diagnosed with lung cancer and it seems likely that he will not live to see his July 26, 2017 release date. Peter Schiff took his appeal to the Alex Jones show yesterday.

 Read the full story at Forbes by Peter J Reilly


About Irwin Schiff And His Theories

Among the arguments raised over the years by Schiff are:

  1. that no statutory deficiency in Federal income tax can exist until an assessment has been made;
  2. that no tax assessment can be made unless a tax return has been voluntarily filed;
  3. that the Internal Revenue Service, in enforcing the income tax, seeks to impose a tax not authorized by the taxing clauses of the United States Constitution;
  4. that the United States Tax Court has no jurisdiction over Schiff; and
  5. that the United States Tax Court is not a court.

These arguments were ruled invalid in Schiff v. Commissioner. Another argument made by Schiff on his web site is: “On the [Form] 1040 itself […] you report ‘zero’ income regardless of how much you received in: wages, commissions, interest, alimony, capital gains or from operating a business. For tax purposes, ‘income’ only means corporate ‘profit.’ Therefore, no individual receives anything that is reportable as ‘income.'”This argument has been rejected by the lower courts, as well as the United States courts of appeal. (Wikipedia)



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