Published On: Wed, Aug 12th, 2015

Bennett: High Court ‘Tying Our Hands’ over Illegal Infiltrators

Jewish Home chairman is unhappy with verdict shortening detention period for infiltrators, says judges eroding the public's trust in them.

Naftali Bennett


Jewish Home Chairman, Education Minister Naftali Bennett, criticized the High Court Wednesday for the verdict that amended the Infiltrators Law.

The court was wrong to interfere – for the third time – in the Knesset’s legislation on the matter, and to shorten the period for which infiltrators can be held in open detainment from 20 months to one year, Bennett opined.

“The residents of southern Tel Aviv are paying the price of these wrong decisions daily, ” Bennett said. “The state of Israel is fighting for its character and identity. Responsibility for this rests with the government. This interference by the High Court is improper. It ties our hands in this vital campaign.”

Bennett stressed that the verdict must be respected. “On the other hand, ” he added, “the High Court judges should understand that by interfering too much, they are eroding the public’s trust in them, and if this over-interference continues, we will take action to block this activism.”

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Arutz 7, by Ido Ben Porat
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